Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Better than winning the Lottery!

I typically do not post personal things on this blog; however, this is so big that I want everyone to know what has happened. Not only did Austin's first Taco Bueno open at 9:55 am January 15, but I was the first customer. With months of waiting, while watching it being built, and years of positive thinking (that Austin would get one) it has finally happened. It will truly go down in my memory bank as one of many happiest moments. I have always said it is the little things in life. I know it sounds over the top but only other "Bueno Heads" will understand. As a reward of being the first customer, not only did I receive my order for free, but I received one of the trademark artwork prints that are displayed at all Taco Bueno's. I feel very privileged to be the only customer to receive this print and will hang it my house with pride. Everyone was very friendly and the service was well, BUENO. What more can you ask for? Thanks to Kim and Kelly who joined me. Thanks to everyone at Bueno; Frank, Bill, Sam and all the Bueno staff. Although Shannon could not be there, he was there in spirit. Not to worry though, we have many more trips and happy times at Bueno to come. Here are a few pictures of the joyous occasion.

The first customers

Receiving the first order, a bean and cheese burrito (a classic of course!)

Austin's first Taco Bueno

Frank, Marsha and Bill presenting me the artwork, is that not pure joy on my face!!

Frank Hornick (V.P. of Operations) and myself with the picture

Our Bueno print proudly displayed