Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Baby of 2008

What a GREAT way to start out in '08. My first shoot of the year, a newborn. Mr. "S" is only 3 days old here. We had a wonderful session, and I must say Mom and Dad were very patient with both of us!! I look forward to photographing him in the many milestones to come. I know they are going to be wonderful parents. Here is the Beauty of God's Grace that I captured that day.


gmhouck41 said...

This new addition to your site, pun intended, is very touching. It brought tears to my eyes. A new year and a new beginning for the parents and Baby "S."
I look forward to checking back to your site frequently to see more photos you have taken, of anyone!

Rose said...

What sweet photos. Such a beautiful baby boy you've captured in your photos. Blessings, Rose